Here is where you can roleplay to your hearts desire! Make sure you put four - after someone's post, and end by putting your signature by typing four ~ And if you want to skip to a different scene, you can put three . in the middle of your post like this:

Neki had been picking fresh produce for a meal she was going to make, to celebrate her new bond.


Sera flew up in the sky, looking for her bond. She spotted her in a garden. ♒Comet♒ ❤’s You♪ 18:09, January 24, 2012 (UTC)

The headings are the places in the Underland that you can roleplay in. They are all the places that were at least mentioned in the five books. If you need help understanding or locating these places, you can go here for information.

The OverlandEdit


The FountEdit

The Dead LandEdit

The JungleEdit

The Arch of TantalusEdit

Vineyard of EyesEdit

Hades HallEdit

The SwagEdit

The Uncharted LandsEdit



Crystal Beach and RiverEdit

The Garden of HesperidesEdit

The LabyrinthEdit


Plain of TartarusEdit

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